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Stainless Micro-motovibrator

Aluminium Micro-motovibrator

Aluminium Micro-motovibrator

Stainless Micro-motovibrator

Stainless Micro-motovibrator

Stainless Micro-motovibrator Applications

MVE series waterproof microvibrator all use aluminium alloy housing and SUS316 stainless steel side cover. aluminium alloy have the advantage of light weight and rapid heat dissipation. On the surface coated anticorrosion painting by which make it wear well. the cable is draw out with a tube ensure it will not be broken during long thime operation. The housing is waterproof designed, ensure it can work normally in a high humidity enviroment.

Due to the advantages of low power consumption, high efficiency and high speed, it is widely used in PCB printing, painting, chemical industry and food industry, etc.

MVE series stainless steel micro-vibrator use SUS304 stainless steel on housing and side cover, so it has good acid-alkali resistance. And the sealing is very good, the cable is draw out with a tube to ensure it will not be broken during long time operation. From the above, it has longer lifetime, it is the best choice for PCB industry.

Stainless Micro-motovibrator Features

Aluminium alloy type have the advantage of light weight, rapid heat dissipation, water-proof and anticorrosion.

Stainless steel type has good acid-alkali resistance, and good sealing.

Stainless Micro-motovibrator Model Code

Micro-motovibrator Model Code

Stainless Micro-motovibrator Operation Conditions

Ambient temperature:<40℃


Rated voltage:380/220V(Three phase),220V(Single phase),(Also can supply 415V,460V)

Insulation class:F

Duty type:S1

Protection type:IP65

Stainless Micro-motovibrator Technical Data

Micro-motovibrator Technical Data

Stainless Micro-motovibrator Mounting And Overall Dimensions

Aluminum Alloy Housing

Aluminium Micro-motovibrator Drawing Aluminium Micro-motovibrator Dimensions

Stainless Ssteel Housing

Stainless Micro-motovibrator Drawing Stainless Micro-motovibrator Dimensions