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YLJ-K Torque Motor Controller

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Torque Motor

torque motor controller

YLJ-K Torque Motor Controller Principle

YLJ-K series torque motor controller is designed by Jinli engineer, we introduced new technology, use high quality IC and silicon controlled module, adopt contactless control. It controls the output of torque motor using the principle of soft start and silicon controlled phase-shift trigger by the superposition of sawtooth wave and high-frequency oscillation signal, so as to satisfy the requirements of various machines, process and products.

In addition, we designed an open-cycle controller (DC, 0~10V) special for PLC system, there are separable and integrate two types structure for different mounting styles.

YLJ-K Torque Motor Controller Features

1.Soft start, output voltage 1~3s time delay, the voltage increases slowly, it reduces the impact of high current and makes the motor start stably.

2.Use single-turn potentiometer, can adjust output voltage smoothly.

3.Adopt negative feedback circuit, makes the drive system run more stably.

4.Optimized structure with integrate circuit, silicon controlled module, bidirectional thyristor, achieved high sensitivity, wide adjustment range, output torque automatic tracking and adjusting. Good performance when overload under low voltage, stable voltage adjustment, energy saving, easy in operation and maintenance.

YLJ-K Torque Motor Controller Operation Conditions

Ambient temperature:-25℃~+50℃



Main voltage:Three-phase AC 380V±10%,PLC open-cycle controller: DC 0~10V.

Main frequency:50Hz±1 or special order.

No corrosive gas or conductive dust which could influence the controller.

No obvious vibration and shock at the mounting position.

Torque Motor Controller Mounting and Overall Dimension

Note: Please select suitable controller according to the maximum current marked on the rating plate of torque motor.