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Micro Torque Motor

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Micro Torque Motor

Micro Torque Motor Applications

Torque motor is a kind of new motor with soft characteristic. It is suitable for machineries with operations of winding, despooling, brake, speed control, constant pressing, etc.

Micro Torque Motor Features

Jinli torque motor design adopts low magnetic flux density in air gap, soJinli torque motor has good line speed and tension performance, during the reel growing or reducing, without external controller, it can keep constant line speed and constant tension for traction and rolling. When the load increases, the motor will slow down the rotation, on the contrary, if the load decreases the motor will speed up the rotation, When getting to the stop point it will output the biggest torque.

The size of this series torque motor is small.

We also have following special design products to meet your various requirements

1. Special motor work at stall situation. it can work at a low speed or stall condition for a long time.

2. Double-speeds motor. it can change the output torque and rotation speed by changing the wire connection.

3. Jinli torque motor controller. it can adjust the output torque and rotation speed conveniently.

Micro Torque Motor Model Code

Reduction Gearbox Model Code

Micro Torque Motor Operation Conditions

Ambient temperature:-10℃ ~ +40℃


Main voltage:380V

Main frequency:50Hz

Temperature rise:80K

Insulation class:B


Protection class:IP54

Micro Torque Motor Technical Data (110V/50Hz)

Micro Torque Motor Technical Data (220V/50Hz)

Micro Torque Motor Dimensions

Torque Motor Dimensions

Reduction Gearbox Dimensions

Speed Ratio and Speed of Reduction Gearbox

Max. Speed(r/min)500416300200116150120100837560504130
Speed Ratio33.657.591012.515182025303650