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LZF Silo Wall Vibrator

LZF Silo Wall Vibrator

LZF Silo Wall Vibrator Applications

Silo wall vibrator is a kind of blocking-proof device which can be used to prevent and dispel material arching and blocking in silo by vibrating the inclined wall in high frequency, so as to ensure the material flow out from silo easily. Due to the simple structure, good blocking-proof ability, energy-saving, long lifetime, adjustable force, etc., LZF silo wall vibrator is widely used in coal, metallurgy, fireproof material, food, chemical industry, electric power, port and railway transport, etc.

LZF Silo Wall Vibrator Installation

LZF silo wall vibrator can be welded on the steel silo wall directly at the position higher than outlet 1/4~1/3 cone heigh

LZF silo wall vibrator can transmit force within range of 4m2 (Please note that the attenuation must be considered); Users can decide how many vibrators should be installed according to the dimension of the silo.

If two LZF silo wall vibrators are installed symmetrically on two sides of silo, they must be staggered and keep a distance of 100mm vertically, so as to avoid disturbance between each other.

If the silo wall is made of steel, there must be a board added on the outside wall and then weld the vibrator on the board. The thickness of the board depends on the structure and capacity of the silo

Since the cable will vibrate with the vibrator, the bending radius of the cable must be larger than 90mm, and must keep a distance of 500~1000 mm between the cable outlet and the cable fixed support

LZF Silo Wall Vibrator Maintenance

At the beginning of the running, the bolts and the nuts may loose due to the seating time, so must check and tighten them several times, in the first two weeks tighten daily, then check and tighten weekly. Operations must strictly follow the operational manual.

LZF Silo Wall Vibrator Technical Data