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Adjusting the Vibration Intensity of Vibrator

  1. Remove the side covers;
  2. Blades type weights:
    1. Unscrew the screws;
    2. Turn the required number of weights on both sides symmetrically (If the two sides are not symmetrical or balanced, the vibrator may be damaged). The change of the intensity is as the table below:
    3. Screw and fix the blades.
  3. Sector-type weights:
    1. Unscrew the screws used for locking the movable weights;
    2. Rotate the movable weights to the required value.
    3. Fixed the movable weights.
    4. NOTE:The eccentric weights at both ends should be with the same angle, and lean to the same side of the motor (As the figure below).

  4. Refit the side covers using the same screws and washers and make sure the gaskets are fitted correctly in their seats.