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The Maintenance of Vibrator

  1. All electric vibrators are lubricated by the manufacturer; the grease is molybdenum disulfide complex calcium-based grease No.3 (“Specific Grease” in the following descriptions).
  2. Lubrication.
    1. The bearings must be well lubricated. Measure the temperature of the bearings every half month, if the temperature is 10°C higher than normal, it indicates the bearings need lubricated.
    2. The bearings must be lubricated with the Specific Grease every 2000 hours of operation.
    3. The grease filler point must be covered with a cup to prevent dust dropping into. Before injecting grease, the area near the filler point must be cleaned with a clean and damp cloth.
    4. Please use good Specific Grease, or it will overheat the bearings and short their life.
  3. If the running direction is not right you can adjust the phase order of power.
  4. At the first period of operation, at least once every day should check the bolts on the feet to prevent loosing, and then regularly check.
  5. Routine maintenance.
    1. Routine maintenance.
    2. Check the fixing bolts and screws to make sure they are not loose.
    3. Check the fixing bolts and screws to make sure they are not loose.
    4. Often wipe off the dust deposited on the vibrator surface to let the heat inside radiate out easily.
  6. The vibrator is covered in orange, the international safety alert color, recommend you not to cover it with other colors.
  7. Before carrying out any maintenance, all power supplies must be disconnected, and set the vibrator and machine in safe conditions.