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Vibrator Installation Notes

Preparation for Installation

  1. Check the motovibrator to make sure no damage, deformation or moistening, and the fixed parts are not loose.
  2. Check to make sure the conditions at your plant correspond with the indications on the rating plate. The eccentric weights are placed on the maximum force position when shipped except that the customers have specific request for it.
  3. The fixing surface must be rigid and level, and the roughness must be less than 6.3, so that the vibrator feet rest uniformly and perfectly in contact with the fixing surface, to avoid internal stresses which can lead to breakage of vibrator feet (as the figure below). There must be no gas hole, dent or crack on the fixing surface, and the area must be larger than the area of vibrator feet.
  4. The fixing surface must be clean and no paint or sundries.
  5. Check the vibrator isolation with ohm meter (500MΩ), and the insulating resistance should be more than 20 MΩ, otherwise you must dry the windings with a temperature not more than 120°C.


WARNING: Be sure all the power supplies have been disconnected before installation.

  1. According to the radium of the hole on the vibrator feet, use corresponding bolts (quality 8.8) and nuts (quality 8.8) to fix the vibrator, anti loose method is required.
  2. The vibrator can be installed in any position except that YZUL series can only be installed vertically.
  3. YZU series and MVE series vibrators both have a ring on the top, by which you can anchor the vibrator using a chain having a length and cross section suitable for supporting the vibrator when it is installed 0.3 meters higher than the earth, in case of accidental detachment.
  4. After 10 to 20 minutes’ trial run of the vibrator, check the vibrator fixing bolts, tighten it if loose; After the first eight hours of operation, check the vibrator fixing bolts again, tighten it if loose.
    NOTE:Because the cable of the motor will work on a vibrating situation, there should be no fast bend of the cable near the outlet; the bend radius should be larger than 5~6 times of the cable’s outer diameter, and then fix it with the vibrating body keeping a distance of 600~1000mm in order to make the cable flabby enough to avoid being broken by the internal power and clotted beads flowing into the motor.
  5. Electrical connections.
    1. YZU series, MVE micro (three-phase) series, MVE micro waterproof/ stainless (three-phase) series:
    2. MVE micro (single-phase) series, MVE micro waterproof/stainless (single-phase) series:
    3. MVE series (three-phase):
    4. MVE series (three-phase):
    5. MVE Direct Current series:
    6. Caution:1. The connection above should be strictly followed, and the earth cable must be grounded reliably; 2. Keep a electrical gap of more than 8mm; When the vibrators are installed in pairs or more, each of them must have its own external overload protection according to the current indicated on the rating plate; 3. Make sure the voltage and frequency correspond with the values indicated on the vibrator rating plate.